MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduates of the USC School of Pharmacy’s multidisciplinary master’s degree programs are highly sought after by leading institutions in academia, industry and government. The Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences emphasizes basic as well as applied research in drug delivery and targeting, utilizing medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, immunology, and molecular and cell biology.

Stan Gee Louie

What kind of training will the master’s program provide?

“Our graduates will conduct research across clinical and basic science disciplines, integrating basic investigations and clinical observations in applied research to better understand disease processes, advance drug development and evaluate efficacy and toxicity or therapeutic regimens.”

Stan Gee Louie


Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Director of Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Program
Anushka Rajesh

Why was USC a good fit for you?

“As an international student, it was important for me to get a well-rounded experience in terms of the curriculum, faculty, research interests, prospects after graduation, culture and even the location. USC ticked all the boxes. I was lucky to have been accepted into my dream school!”

Anushka Rajesh

MS Pharmaceutical Sciences ’21

Research Associate at Vir Biotechnology, Inc.