Why choose USC School of Pharmacy?

A tradition of leadership and innovation. An excellent reputation and alumni network throughout the pharmacy industry. Specialized and interdisciplinary programs for students who have varied academic interests or are pursuing regulatory, research, scholarly, or leadership roles. Our programs span the entire pharmaceutical continuum – from discovery to development to translation to regulation to patient care to outcomes.

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    Private pharmacy school

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    Among all pharmacy schools (tie)

  • 2016 US News & World Report


    • 1950

      First PharmD program in the nation

    • 1968

      First clinical pharmacy program in the nation

    • 1970

      First pharmacy school to offer clinical clerkships

    • 1988

      First PharmD/MBA dual-degree program in the nation

    • 1990

      First pharmacy school to establish PhD in pharmaceutical economics

    • 2002

      First pharmacy school with endowed chair in community pharmacy

    • 2008

      First school to offer a professional doctorate in regulatory science

    What is your advice to prospective students?

    I tell prospective students that you have a lot to gain from the USC School of Pharmacy. We have experienced faculty and wonderful programs – like the Regulatory Science program that gives you great exposure to industry.

    Isaac Asante Cropped Isaac AsantePhD Candidate

    What is your advice to prospective students?

    Learn to time manage now, don’t take studying for granted!

    Tiffany Cropped Tiffany TranPharmD Class of 2018

    What's your advice to prospective students?

    Get involved. The USC School of Pharmacy has a lot of extracurricular options that other schools don’t offer.

    Jason Cropped Jason ChenPharmD Class of 2016

    Why did you choose the USC School of Pharmacy?

    I chose USC because it has a very strong alumni network, and the program is clinical and very rigorous. By the time you’re done, you’re ready to meet the real world and the challenges it has to offer.

    Maria Cropped Maria NduatiPharmD Class of 2016

    What do pharmacy school students do for fun?

    There are lots of opportunities to connect. We go to the gym, play basketball; there are fraternities and many clubs. We hang out!

    Santi Cropped 2 Santi SrijumnongPharmD Class of 2016

    What advice do you have for new or prospective students?

    Be organized from the beginning with each lecture. Keep your materials so you’ll have them for reference during 4th year rotations and when studying for the boards.

    IMG_6175 Ashley Gutierrez, PharmDPGY1 Ambulatory Care Resident

    What excites you about pharmacy school?

    I’m excited about all the things I can already do as a pharmacy student – volunteering at health fairs and counseling patients. I’m able to tangibly apply what I’m learning, and I’m already getting glimmers of what my career is going to be like.

    Ruth Madievsky Ruth MadievskyPharmD Candidate

    What's your advice for new or prospective students?

    Be prepared to fully commit yourself. It’s a long and sometimes difficult process but it’s all worth it in the end.

    IMG_6174 Nassim Lashkari, PharmDClass of 2014

    Why did you choose the USC School of Pharmacy?

    Professionally, USC provides extensive networking opportunities, and prepares us with the strength and knowledge we need to step into the profession in the future.

    Marianna Cropped Marianna Muradyan PharmD Class of 2016

    What is your ultimate career aspiration?

    Right now I’m bouncing back and forth between wanting to pursue research and wanting to work in industry. Ultimately, I would like a government position.

    Portrait of Dr.Gould Andrew GouldPhD Student in Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology

    What is your ultimate career goal?

    My ultimate career goal is to become a clinical pharmacist specializing in infectious diseases.

    Yen Cropped Yen TangPharmD Class of 2016

    What advice do you have for prospective graduate students?

    Take every opportunity to get research experience and take some time off after your undergraduate degree.

    B07119193 Melissa AgnelloPhD Candidate

    What is the best thing about living and working in LA?

    I love all the entertainment! There are so many places to visit. You have Hollywood, downtown and, of course, all the sunshine is great too.

    Portrait of Dr.Li Yilong LiPhD Student in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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