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Why choose USC School of Pharmacy?

A tradition of leadership and innovation. An excellent reputation and alumni network throughout the pharmacy industry. Specialized and interdisciplinary programs for students who have varied academic interests or are pursuing regulatory, research, scholarly, or leadership roles. Our programs span the entire pharmaceutical continuum – from discovery to development to translation to regulation to patient care to outcomes.


Private pharmacy school
2020 US News & World Report


  • 1950

    First PharmD program in the nation

  • 1968

    First clinical pharmacy program in the nation

  • 1970

    First pharmacy school to offer clinical clerkships

  • 1988

    First PharmD/MBA dual-degree program in the nation

  • 1990

    First pharmacy school to establish PhD in pharmaceutical economics

  • 2002

    First pharmacy school with endowed chair in community pharmacy

  • 2003

    First PharmD/MS in gerontology dual-degree program in the nation

  • 2008

    First school to offer a professional doctorate in regulatory science

How has USC School of Pharmacy added value to your life?

From PhD to PharmD, there are so many students working hard in their academics, and also in national, local and school-run organizations. It is a great energy to be around.

Amanda ChronMS, Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018; PharmD Candidate, Class of 2021

What makes USC School of Pharmacy unique?

The curriculum is rigorous and will challenge you, but the faculty are some of the greatest minds in their respective fields of pharmacy and the concepts they teach are essential to becoming a strong clinician.

Ryan MurakamiPharmD, Class of 2020

What is the best thing about living and working in LA?

The sheer size of Los Angeles provides so many opportunities to contribute. Having access to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, with wonderful ethnic diversity, challenges us all to be better health care providers.

Kacey PearcePharmD, Class of 2021

What is it like being a part of the Trojan Family?

It’s amazing just how many of USC’s extremely successful alumni come back to offer guidance and words of wisdom to students. This type of mentorship is invaluable and it’s an integral part of the student experience here.

Jonathan HwangPharmD, Class of 2019

What is your advice to new or prospective students?

The Pharmaceutical & Translational Sciences (PHTS) Program offers students a broad range of research labs. The school is constantly expanding its research capability in both personnel and hardware. If you intend to join the field of pharmaceutical and translational research, this is the program you will love.

Zhefu (Jeff) Dai PhD Candidate, Pharmaceutical Sciences

How do you feel the school is preparing you for your career?

USC does a great job of preparing its students in three ways: professionally, clinically, and as leaders. I have pushed myself to do the things that I once thought to be impossible, and I know that I will become a better pharmacist for it in the future.

Samara White Headshot Samara WhitePharmD Class of 2022

What makes USC School of Pharmacy unique?

Beyond the vast alumni network and opportunities available in Los Angeles, it is the faculty and staff that make USC School of Pharmacy so unique. The professors are clearly here because they want to teach, and everyone is highly invested in the success of the students.

Noam Morningstar-KywiPharmD, Class of 2021

What stood out to you about the school’s undergraduate program?

I want to start a drug discovery company, so having the chance to learn about drug development and drug discovery while in undergrad was super appealing.

Bryson ChoyBS, Pharmacology and Drug Development, Class of 2022

Boldly First

Since its inception more than a century ago, the USC School of Pharmacy has remained a place of innovation and excellence in pharmacy education. Our programs span the entire pharmaceutical continuum – from discovery to development to translation to regulation to patient care to outcomes.

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