Our consultations and services are detailed as follows:

  1. Mass spectrometry imaging:
    1. Regular tissue freezing with liquid nitrogen conserving tissue shape and integrity
    2. Cryosectioning of frozen and FFPE tissues
    3. Sample preparation for MALDI imaging including regular washing, desalting, and lipid/protein/dye removal.
    4. MALDI matrix purification and solution preparation
    5. Robotic matrix deposition on tissue sections using HTX M5 sprayer
    6. MALDI imaging of various tissue types at high spatial resolution (20 um) and super high speed (40 pixels per second).
    7. On-tissue trypsin digestion for protein identification and proteomics studies
    8. MALDI MS/MS for compound/protein identification
    9. Targeted small molecule/drug imaging and identification
    10. Comprehensive data analysis such as heat map visualization, pathology-guided IMS, and statistical analysis
  2. Mass spectrometry-based high-throughput screening:
    1. Preparation of enzymatic reaction such as enzyme/substrate stock handling and preparation, enzyme/small molecule dispensing and incubation, reaction quenching and aliquoting.
    2. Generating dose-response source plates with serial dilutions up to 16 different concentrations
    3. Rigorous data analysis including IC50 calculations, single point and DR curve plotting
    4. Z’ calculations for plate-to-plate variations
    5. Hit identification
  3. Proteomics and quantitative mass spectrometry:
    1. 1D SDS PAGE
    2. Tryptic and peptic digestion of proteins, both in solution on-gel digestion
    3. LC/MS of intact proteins
    4. LC/MS/MS for protein identification and post-translational modification (PTM) analysis
    5. Site-specific modifications of proteins such as lysine acetylation and methylation.
    6. MRM and PRM assays for metabolite, drug, and protein quantitation in biological samples such as plasma and cell culture.