Susie H. Park, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions

Susie H. Park, PharmD, BCPP
Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions
Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Phone: 323-442-1675

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions reports to the Dean and has the responsibility for the entire academic cycle of the School’s student body. That cycle begins with the oversight of the recruitment program to attract both the very best academically qualified students but also recognizes the role of diversity in enriching the overall student community. Student advising, counseling and mentoring are also components of the student experience at the Associate Dean oversees. All of the policies governing the students’ academic performance and appropriate interaction and behaviors within the student community and extended to the School and USC community are included in her portfolio. More specifically, she:

· Oversees the operations of the Office of Admissions.

· Oversees the activities and programming of the John and Margaret Biles Leadership Center.

· Supervises student activities and events on campus.

· Serves as Faculty Advisor to the Pharmacy Student Council.

· Shares with the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs the oversight of the Office of Diversity Affairs.

· Handles students’ disputes.

· Supervises the performance of the Admissions Committee, Scholarship Standards Committee, and Student Disciplinary Committee.

· Represents the School in University committees as Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions, and communicates information with faculty and staff.

· Is responsible for the Student Policy & Procedure Handbook and makes recommendations to the dean on new policies.

· Works with the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs for assigning students to faculty mentors.

· Ensures that final grades are submitted in a timely manner and that they are in accordance with faculty guidelines.

· Coordinates the School’s two-week board exam review course for graduating students, as well as the School’s multi-day Orientation sessions for incoming students.