Courses for Area of Concentration in Public and International Health

Didactic Courses (6 units):

PHRD 554: Public Health and Epidemiology (3 units)
Introduction to epidemiology, environmental health, health education, health care organization. and financing. Orientation to social and governmental controls on the health care system.

PHRD 568: Principles and Leadership in Community Health 1 (2 units)
Introduction to public health and the development of community health programs. Topics include health education, health communication, and behavioral determinants of health and disease.

PHRD 569: Principles and Leadership in Community Health 2 (1 units)
Builds upon students’ knowledge of the field of public health and community health programs to evaluate the efficacy of community-based interventions.

PHRD 669: Health Care Needs of Special Populations (3 units)
Health care needs of the poor will be examined through participation in a multidisciplinary community clinic setting focusing on medication counseling and compliance.

PHRD 673: Spanish for Pharmacists (3 units)
Practical Spanish for pharmacists, including basic conversation of commonly prescribed drugs.

PHRD 675: Travel Medicine (3 units)
An elective course for emphasizing the role of the pharmacist in preventing and treating travel related medical conditions.

PHRD 688: Global Pharmacy (3 units)
Opportunity to work with pharmacists, student pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to experience pharmacy education and practice outside of the United States.

Experiential Courses (6 units):

PHRD 725: International Pharmacy Practice Experience (3-6 units)
Practical experience in the practice of pharmacy in the international setting. Students will visit an international pharmacy practice setting and complete a project.

PHRD 750: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective (APPE) (6 units, max 18)
Pharmacy practice experience (internship) course in a health care setting. 

PHRD 751: Non-traditional Advanced Pharmacy Elective (APPE) (6 units)
Pharmacy practice experience (internship) course in a non-traditional or emerging setting.


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