Courses for Area of Concentration in Health Systems and Care Management

Didactic Courses (6 units):

PHRD 653: Health Systems Pharmacy I (3 units)
Understanding formal and informal organizations in institutions, managed care, disease management, health care policy and financing, patients chart organization, and clinical monitoring parameters.

PHRD 654: Health Systems Pharmacy II (3 units)
Recognizing resources available for drug information, familiarity with institutional formularies, medication counseling, writing chart notes, and clinical activities at an off-campus health care institution.

PHRD 670: Marketing and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry (3 units)
This course will cover basic and advanced strategies for marketing and development of new compounds or indication in the pharmaceutical industry.

PHRD 677: Risk Assessment and Management in Pharmacy Practice (3 units)
Specific risk management issues, legal and professional expectations of pharmacists, and assessing and avoiding risk.

MPTX 510/PHRD 678: Topics in Pharmacology: The Other Side of Drugs (3 units)
Nexus of pharmacology and toxicology, therapeutic use and toxicology of common drugs, and prescribing these drugs in clinical practice.

Experiential Courses (6 units):

PHRD 750: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective (APPE) (6 units, max 18)
Pharmacy practice experience (internship) course in a health care setting.

PHRD 751: Non-traditional Advanced Pharmacy Elective (APPE) (6 units)
Pharmacy practice experience (internship) course in a non-traditional or emerging setting.


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