USC and the USC Mann School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences award a variety of scholarships each year to new and continuing students based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, pharmacy interest and/or financial need.

USC Mann School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Institutional and Endowed Scholarships

Donor-based scholarships are based on leadership, class level, community service, career interest and academic achievement. Scholarships and funds are also awarded by USC Mann to some of the top tier students. Scholarships and funds are not awarded to all students and are provided by the discretion of the Scholarship Awards Committee based on factors related to the students application, donor criteria, interview performance, materials provided, communication, financial circumstances, and strength of the overall holistic review. Some areas of focus include:

  • students achieving top academic performance
  • underrepresented students to support our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • out of state and international students to enrich our culture and community
New students seeking scholarships will be reviewed upon acceptance using all materials and communications during the admission process, including your PharmCAS application as well as your interview performance. There is no other scholarship application for new students.

Current students should complete the scholarship profile annually each spring, which will be used by the Scholarship Awards Committee to make scholarship recommendations.

Over 3.5 million dollars in scholarships are provided to PharmD students.

Applying for USC University Sponsored and Outside Scholarships

Scholarships listed on the websites below have been reviewed by the University for all USC students. There is a wide variety of scholarship awards that you can apply for. Many are specifically for graduate and professional students. It’s a good idea to prepare a scholarship template that you can adjust depending on the type of scholarship you may be applying for. This allows you to occasionally review these lists and send out applications quickly. Here are the links to outside scholarships:
USC Scholarship Universe