We prepare you for success in all aspects of the profession—no matter which areas you want to pursue. You will develop and hone expertise in aspects such as:

Patient service, including: 

  • Delivering patient-centered care
  • Promoting health and wellness
  • Providing population-based care

Medical and therapeutic applications, including:

  • Developing, integrating and applying scientific knowledge for healthier lives
  • Evaluating scientific literature
  • Explaining drug actions and interactions
  • Solving therapeutic problems
  • Advancing population health and patient-centered treatments

Comprehensive approaches to practice and care, including:

  • Education
  • Patient advocacy
  • Problem-solving
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Clear communication

Professional conduct at the highest levels, including: 

  • Actions and values that ensure trust among
    • patients
    • fellow healthcare providers
    • communities
  • Accountability and ownership in all professional activities

Management of healthcare systems and resources, including:

  • Optimizing safety and efficacy of medication use
  • Human resources
  • Financial resources
  • Technological resources
  • Physical resources

Personal and professional development, including: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship