Our PharmD curriculum combines innovative coursework with robust and inspiring clinical and research experience.

Foundational courses in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, social-administrative and clinical sciences comprise the first three years of the program. You will complete Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) along with classroom-based courses. The end of the third year and fourth years of the program include Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) in healthcare settings throughout Los Angeles—with the option of an international rotation—along with a capstone course.

Our Curriculum Committee continuously reviews and enhances the curriculum to ensure you develop the competencies essential to the pharmacist’s expanding role as a healthcare provider. Curriculum changes also reflect scientific advances, population profile changes, increasing health expectations, technological advances, the increasing role of government in health services and other influences.

Degree Requirements

Completion of the four-year professional curriculum—along with a minimum of 1,740 hours of clinical experience—is required to earn the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Aggregate course hours must equal a minimum of 133 units. 

You must successfully complete all required courses in the PharmD curriculum with a minimum grade of C in all letter-graded coursework and a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

Curriculum Overview

Course #TitleUnits
PHRD 501Pharmaceutics I3
PHRD 502Pharmaceutics II2
PHRD 503Biological Systems I4
PHRD 504Biological Systems II4
PHRD 511Pharmacy Practice and Professionalism 15
PHRD 512Pharmacy Practice and Professionalism 23
PHRD 514Calculations and Compounding2
PHRD 515Metabolism and Cell Biology2
PHRD 516Non-Prescription Therapies3
PHRD 517Pharmacogenetics2
PHRD 520Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process1
PHRD 521Medicinal Chemistry2
PHRD 552Pharmaceutics III3

Course #TitleUnits
PHRD 508Pharmacy Literature Analysis and Drug Information3
PHRD 559Therapeutics: Pharmacokinetics3
PHRD 563Case Conference 12
PHRD 564Case Conference 22
PHRD 567Pharmacy Law2
PHRD 570Therapeutics: Central Nervous System5
PHRD 572Therapeutics: General Medicine and Inflammatory Disorders5
PHRD 603Therapeutics: Endocrine System5
PHRD 624Community Pharmacy Practice*4
PHRD 625Hospital Pharmacy Practice*3
PHRD 626Elective Pharmacy Practice*2
PHRD 634Scholarly Project 11

Course #TitleUnits
PHRD 608Therapeutics: Oncology2
PHRD 610Therapeutics: Special Populations3
PHRD 611Therapeutics: Infectious Diseases5
PHRD 619Therapeutics: Cardiovascular System5
PHRD 622Case Conference 32
PHRD 623Case Conference 41
PHRD 624Community Pharmacy Practice*4
PHRD 625Hospital Pharmacy Practice*3
PHRD 626Elective Pharmacy Practice*2
PHRD 633Pharmacy Management and Economics2
PHRD 635Scholarly Project 21
PHRD 636Scholarly Project 3 (proposed)1
PHRD 650APPE Gateway2
VariousOne APPE course from the list below***6

*You must enroll once in PHRD 624, PHRD 625 and PHRD 626 in the P2 and P3 years.

**Electives: You must complete a minimum of 3 units of elective coursework (excludes APPE elective units).

***You may take one 6-unit APPE starting in spring of your P3 year.

Required APPE Curriculum Courses (all courses must be taken):

Course #TitleUnits
PHRD 701Acute Care Clinical APPE6
PHRD 704Primary Care APPE6
PHRD 705Community Pharmacy APPE6
PHRD 718Hospital Pharmacy Practice APPE6
PHRD 796abDoctor of Pharmacy Capstone (a in the fall, and b in the spring)0

Elective APPE Courses (must take two courses from list below):

Course #TitleUnits
PHRD 714Nuclear Pharmacy APPE6
PHRD 725International Pharmacy Practice Experience3 or 6
PHRD 731Advanced Geriatrics APPE6
PHRD 738Pharmaceutical Industry APPE6
PHRD 750Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective (APPE)6
PHRD 751Non-traditional Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective (APPE)6