Jeffrey Shapiro, Chief Operating Officer

Jeffrey Shapiro, MPA
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 323-442-1385

The Chief Operating Officer reflects the business and operations resources necessary to efficiently and effectively support the education and research missions of the School. This includes the need to meet the needs of the USC central administration in terms of fiscal, budgetary, and reporting requirements while also translating those broad resources into specific support for the School. While this embodies fiscal and budgetary management on behalf of the School and its departments it also works with related student, faculty, and research components (and their respective associate deans and department chairs) in implementing administrative support consistent with the strategic mission of the School while also being cognizant of the individual needs of its members. More specifically, he:

· Is responsible for finance and budgets, and works with Associate Deans and Chairs on budgets and administration.

· Is responsible for facilities and infrastructure. Oversees Human Resources, pharmacy operations, technology development. Manages support staff who administer non-academic functions of the School. Works closely with Business Development office.

· Assists the Dean with the management of the oversight and advisory Boards.

· Provides support to the Dean in the administration of committees, strategic initiatives and plans, and represents the Dean in administrative and financial forums as needed.