QSAD Centurion

QSAD Centurion is the premier support group of the USC School of Pharmacy. The group was established in 1958 to maintain USC’s excellence as a center of pharmacy education. The organization of pharmacy leaders is focused on providing significant financial support for the School and strengthening relationships between the School, pharmacists, faculty students and the entire healthcare community.

QSAD is an abbreviation of the Latin inscription formerly written on most prescriptions, “quantum sufficit ad”—as much as is sufficient. This ancient phrase inspired the mission of QSAD Centurion—to contribute sufficient funds to make a difference between an adequate education and a great one.

QSAD Board Members

John Bruce, PharmD ’70
Jesse Hong, PharmD MBA ’92
Kevin Ibaraki, PharmD ’85
Charles (Chuck) Leiter, PharmD ’83
Ricky Ma, Wai Shing, PharmD ’95
David Makhani, PharmD ’87
David Truong, PharmD ’07

Contact Us

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact:

Cheryl Stanovich
Chief Development Officer
(323) 442-1738