Giving Priorities

Training Future Leaders of the Health Profession
Next-generation professionals need specialized training to prepare them for the expanding clinical role of the pharmacist and for increasing collaboration across the health sciences.

The School is determined to continue to recruit and retain top students. One of the best means to accomplish this is by bolstering the School’s ability to offer scholarship support.

Training the Next Generation of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Pharmacologists and Translational Scientists
Tomorrow’s scientists will foster breakthroughs in treatments, technology helping transform healthcare and its delivery. The School trains biotechnology scientists who focus on drug design, development and delivery, working toward breakthroughs that will transform tomorrow’s medicine by generating new drug compounds for diagnostic and therapeutic use, while our molecular pharmaceutical scientists focus on the underlying biological mechanisms essential to the development of increasingly targeted and effective treatments for some of the most pervasive and challenging diseases and disorders. Recruiting the top students to join our research teams is paramount and scholarships help to make this possible.

Training Clinical Scholars and Biomedical Researchers
There is a significant interest in translational/clinical research questions related to drug development and therapeutics and the field of pharmacy is in a unique position to conduct research toward achieving the goal of individualized prescription drug therapy. With the ability to envision translational endpoints, doctors of pharmacy (PharmDs) are a valuable component of the current biomedical research enterprise. Despite the knowledge that a doctor of pharmacy can provide, there is a scarcity of PharmD scholars who are dual trained as a pharmaceutical or translational scientist. This is a deficit, which is widely recognized by the National Institutes of Health. Support would encourage students to pursue this burgeoning career path through boosting the salary of post-doctoral students enrolled in the dual degree program.

Providing resources to support innovation across all lines of pharmacy – practice, research and clinical – is key towards the School continuing on its upward trajectory. Dean Vassilios Papadopoulos has asked faculty to come to him with their “big ideas.” Contributions towards this initiative make those big ideas possible.

Margaret and John Biles Student and Leadership Center
A driving focus for the School is to provide students and alumni with ways to develop leadership skills and differentiate themselves into high-value, high-demand careers. The Margaret and John Biles Student and Leadership Center does just that by focusing on facilitating connections with faculty, alumni and professional mentors who have aligned interests. It will provide a centralized permanent hub to connect students to personal counseling, tutoring and intern opportunities as well as coordinating a Student Advisor Program that will help development leadership and entrepreneurial skills applicable to the students’ areas of study.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships
Recruiting and retaining top faculty who will continue to propel the School forward is one of the highest priorities of the School. Support for endowed chairs and professorships makes this possible.

Transformative Translational Research
USC School of Pharmacy seeks to be at the forefront of facilitating the movement from discovery science to a new generation of medical advances and clinical applications. The School is in a key position to make this possible. Support is needed to hire the personnel to oversee business development, recruit and develop an advisory board and oversee collaboration with key leaders and faculty.

For more information, please contact:

Cheryl Stanovich
Chief Development Officer
(323) 442-1738