Martine  Culty

Martine Culty, PhD

Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

Male reproduction, toxicology, endocrinology

Contact Information

  • 1985 Zonal Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90089-9121
  • PSC 702
  • 323-865-1677
Martine Culty

Research Interest

The Culty lab has two main research interests: 1) identifying the mechanisms controlling the development of gonocytes, precursors of male germline stem cells and 2) determining the effects of environmental chemical mixtures on testis development and function.

Perturbation of gonocyte development can result in infertility or testicular tumor. Thus, our first goal is to identify factors and signaling pathways involved in gonocyte proliferation and differentiation, in order to unveil new targets of testicular cancer treatment. This model can also be used to test drug effects on neonatal germ cells.

Because testis development is dependent on sex hormones, it is very sensitive to chemicals interfering with androgen and estrogen homeostasis and action. Our second goal is to determine the impact of fetal exposure to common endocrine disruptor mixtures, at doses relevant to human exposure, on testicular development and function across the lifespan, using the rat model. These studies will aid better assessing endocrine disruptor risks to the reproductive system. Our studies involve a variety of molecular, cellular, pharmacological and toxicological approaches, applied on in vivo animal models, primary cells, cell lines and human tissues specimen.

Selected Projects/Publications

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