Rebecca  Myerson

Rebecca Myerson, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics

Pharmaceutical and Health EconomicsCurriculum Vitae

Research Topics

  1. Policy evaluation
  2. Health economics
  3. Chronic conditions
  4. Global health

Contact Information


PhD in Public Policy, University of Chicago, 2016
MPH, University of Washington, 2011
BA, Harvard, 2007

Rebecca Myerson

Research Interest

With the goal of informing policy to improve health, Rebecca Myerson's research aims to quantify the impacts of policies on incidence and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Her health economics research assesses whether informing patients about their health biomarkers and health insurance options closes gaps in uptake of needed care. Specific projects have analyzed trans fat restrictions, screening interventions, assistance programs for health insurance enrollment, and Medicaid eligibility expansions. Rebecca Myerson's research has been featured in outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and NBC Nightly News and was selected for the 2018 ISPOR Award for Excellence in Application of Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Research.


Rebecca holds a doctorate in public policy from the University of Chicago with a concentration in applied econometrics, as well as a MPH from the University of Washington and a bachelors in psychology from Harvard. Prior to graduate school, Rebecca worked at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and conducted research in China as a Fulbright scholar.

Selected Projects/Publications

Myerson R, Lu T, Tonnu-Mihara I, Huang E. "Medicaid eligibility expansions may address gaps in access to diabetes medications." Health Affairs, 2018; 37(8) 1200-1207. -Link

Myerson R, Colantonio L, Safford M, Huang E. "Does identification of previously undiagnosed conditions change care seeking behavior?" Health Services Research, 2018; 53(3): 1517-1538. -Link

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Myerson R, Laiteerapong N. "The Affordable Care Act and diabetes diagnosis and care: Exploring the potential impacts." Current Diabetes Reports, 2016; 16(4): 27. PubMed -Link

Olives C, Myerson R, Mokdad A, Murray CJL, Lim S. "Prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension in United States counties, 2001-2009." PLoS One, 2013; 8(4). PubMed -Link

Myerson R, Makela SM, Chandrasekhar C, Mathew S, Chakraborty S. "Determinants of condom uptake among HIV voluntary counselling and testing clients: experiences from a hospital-based study in south India." BMC Health Services Research, 2012; 12(13). PubMed -Link

Myerson R, Hou YB, Tang HZ, Cheng Y, Wang Y, Ye ZX. "Home and away: Chinese migrant workers between two worlds." The Sociological Review, 2010; 58(1): 26-44. -Link

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