Frances J. Richmond

Frances J. Richmond, PhD

Chair, Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences

Regulatory and Quality Sciences

Research Topics

  1. Regulatory issues and clinical trials
  2. Regulation of medical products
  3. Implantable medical devices, particularly those for the rehabilitation of neuromuscular dysfunction and head movement in animals and humans.

Contact Information


BNSc, MSc, PhD, Physiology, Queen's University in Kingston, Canada
ndc, National Defense College

Frances J. Richmond


Dr. Frances Richmond was educated as a neurophysiologist (BNSc, MSc, PhD) at Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario). She completed post-doctoral studies at the Universite de Montreal and the National Institutes of Health before joining the faculty of Queen's University, where she served as Associate Dean of Life Sciences (1986-1989). She also served as a policy advisor for scientific labor needs at Industry Canada (1990-1992) and as a clinical scientist at the Alfred E. Mann Foundation, an early stage device development group (1994-1995). She was the first female to be appointed Director of a research consortium funded by Canada's Medical Research Council (1995-2000).

Dr. Richmond joined the faculty of USC in 1999 as Director of Regulatory and Clinical Sciences at the Alfred E. Mann Institute where she served for 8 years. Her work there included seven projects in the field of product development which have advanced through the clinical trial stage. Though focused mostly on the BION, an implantable wireless microstimulator, she was also involved in research on other implantables, sensors and prosthetic limbs. Dr. Richmond is or has been a member of three large research consortia (NIH Engineering Research partnership, NIH Bioengineering Research partnership, Clinical and Translational Science Institute). She directs the Regulatory Knowledge and Support group of the CSTI for the Los Angeles Basin.

Under Dr. Richmond's leadership, the Regulatory Science program started in 1999 by offering an MS in Regulatory Science. Today, in response to industry demand, the USC School of Pharmacy offers three interdisciplinary master’s programs (Regulatory Sciences, Management of Drug Development, and Medical Product Quality), six certificates and, since 2008, a professional doctorate in Regulatory Science—the first in the nation.

Dr. Richmond served as Director of the International Center for Regulatory Science since its creation in 2012. In May 2017, the School of Pharmacy announced the establishment of a new Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences, with Dr. Richmond as Chair.

Selected Projects/Publications

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Cameron, T., Liinamaa, T.L., Loeb, G.E., Richmond, F.J.R. (1998) Long-term biocompatibility of a miniature stimulator implanted in feline hind limb muscles. IEEE Trans BME 45: 1024-1035

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