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Katie Graham

Katie Graham

Assistant Professor

Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences

Dr. Katie Graham is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy.  She received her PharmD from Drake University before completing a Pediatric Pharmacotherapy residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and a Pediatric Pharmacotherapy fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Dr. Graham also holds a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology-Exercise Physiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Graham began her career working clinically as a pediatric pharmacist where she was involved in both clinical and bench research before transitioning to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.  Dr. Graham interacted with investigators and answered scientific questions as a Medical Science Liaison before moving to the corporate office where she worked in a variety of positions within Global Medical Communications.  Dr. Graham transitioned into Regulatory Affairs where she became an expert in regulatory considerations affecting product commercialization.  Dr. Graham took her knowledge within the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry to found and manage a Boutique Medical and Regulatory Affairs Consulting Firm for over a decade that strived to provide strategic-minded solutions that considered the regulatory environment while meeting the business objective.

In addition to teaching courses in the Masters of Regulatory Sciences and Pharmacy Undergraduate Program, Dr. Graham continues to provide commercial regulatory guidance to industry peers.

    Areas of Expertise

    • Commercial Regulatory
    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Scientific Exchange
    • Medical Communication