Center for Quantitative Drug and Disease Modeling

The Center for Quantitative Drug and Disease Modeling at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy at the USC School of Pharmacy was founded in 2018, with the purpose of developing a collaborative, cutting-edge academic enterprise focused on state-of-the-art quantitative medicine.

The Center’s objectives are to 1.) transform the way academic research data are recorded, managed, standardized, curated, integrated and maintained, by applying regulatory-grade approaches, architectures and procedures; 2.) leverage the integrated data platforms to develop regulatory-grade quantitative solutions to optimize clinical drug research; and 3.) train graduate students and post-doctoral fellows according to the modern paradigms of model-informed drug discovery and development.

The Center is directed by Dr. Klaus Romero, a clinical pharmacologist and epidemiologist who has developed models to predict the efficacy and safety of medications used to treat polycystic kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and tuberculosis. His work has led to achieving major milestones such as the first regulatory endorsement by the FDA and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of a clinical trial simulation tool for mild and moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Center Faculty and Staff at USC

Klaus Romero, MD, MS, Director
• Mimi Lou, Senior Data Manager
• Mengxi Wang, SAS Research Programmer I
• Haoyan Li, Junior Data Scientist
More information

For more information about the Center for Quantitative Drug and Disease Modeling, please contact Dr. Klaus Romero at