TOEFL Requirement

International students must submit TOEFL scores directly to USC when applying to PharmCAS for the PharmD program.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

The ability to communicate effectively in English — to read, write and speak the language fluently — is vital to your success as a university student. USC graduate applicants are therefore expected to demonstrate their proficiency in English as part of the application process. Candidates from all countries are encouraged to apply to USC.

English-Language Proficiency Requirements

IMPORTANT: USC does not set minimum scores for admission purposes. The scores listed below are used for placement purposes only to determine if an admitted student will need to take the International Student English (ISE) Examination.

USC accepts only Internet-Based TOEFL (iBT) test scores. Admitted students are exempt from taking the ISE Exam with the following scores:

Master’s/Professional Degrees 90 or above, with 20 or above in each section.

Sending official scores to USC: USC must receive scores electronically from the testing service for them to be considered official. Photocopies or paper copies of scores are not acceptable. USC’s institution code is 4852. (No department code is required.)

Your scores are considered valid only if earned within two years of your intended first term at USC. (For example, no earlier than August 1 two years prior if applying for the fall term.)

English-Language Test Waiver

International applicants are exempt from submitting English-proficiency scores under the following circumstances:

1) You hold a bachelor’s degree completed in its entirety in the United States or another Anglophone country.

The bachelor’s degree should be earned at a regionally accredited university located in the United States, or at an officially recognized university in another country where English is both the language of instruction and the only officially recognized language of the country. Please note that the entire program needs to have been completed in the qualifying country.

Note: Dual-degree holders who completed part of their degree in the U.S. do not qualify for this waiver.

2) Your native language is English.

This applies to native English speakers from countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (except Quebec), where English is both the only official language of the country and the language of instruction.

USC does not waive the English-proficiency requirement based on any other consideration such as work experience, ESL enrollment, etc. It also cannot be waived for undergraduate programs taught in English in non-Anglophone countries, or for graduate degrees earned in the U.S. or other qualifying countries.

To determine if USC requires TOEFL scores for the country of study, please check here.

USC International Academy

Students seeking to prepare their English and academic skills for the rigors of graduate study at USC may wish to explore the USC International Academy as an option.