Global Partnerships

The USC School of Pharmacy is enriched by its extensive international partnerships, both formal and informal, including:


  • Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto, Japan
  • Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Toyama City, Japan
  • Nagoya City University, Nagoya, Japan
  • Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
  • Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan
  • Showa Pharmaceutical University, Tokyo
  • University of Tokyo, Tokyo
  • Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China
  • National Taiwan University, Taipei
  • China Medical University College of Pharmacy, Taichung, Taiwan
  • Taipei Medical University School of Pharmacy, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Kaohsiung Medical University College of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Kyung Hee University, Seoul
  • Duksung Women’s University, Seoul
  • Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
  • Mahidol University Faculty of Pharmacy, Bangkok
  • Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences Faculty of Pharmacy, Malaysia
  • Office of Pharmacy Safety & Research, Tokyo
  • Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul
  • Ministry of Health, Singapore


  • The Wesley Hospital, Queensland, Australia


  • The Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Copenhagen
  • University of Oslo
  • University of London
  • Imperial College London
  • Trinity College Dublin School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dublin
  • University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
  • University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Université d’ Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand 1, Clermont, France
  • Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia

Middle East

  • Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt
  • King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

South America

  • Instituto Argentino del Atencion Farmaceutical, Buenos Aires
  • Universidad del Atlántico, Barranquilla, Colombia

South Asia

  • Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India