As part of a truly global university—one with the largest number of international students of any American university and an expansive worldwide alumni network—the USC School of Pharmacy has engaged in academic and scientific exchange relationships with partners from around the world for more than 25 years. These collaborations extend throughout Asia, the European Union, Australia, South America and Africa.

Located in Los Angeles, the capital of the Pacific Rim, the USC School of Pharmacy is uniquely positioned to cultivate a global presence. The School’s activities abroad include professional and graduate student exchange programs, faculty exchanges, joint scientific meetings and research collaborations, and clinical pharmacy and management training programs for international colleagues.

A broad range of student international options are available. Activities have included students raising public health awareness in Uganda, aiding the underserved in Romania, pursuing a clerkship in Japan and a summer internship in health promotion based at The Hague in the Netherlands. Students from countries around the world come to the USC School of Pharmacy through various exchange programs. For example, four students from Mexican universities completed a research experience at USC.

The School regularly hosts international visitors requesting advanced training in laboratory techniques and methodology, pharmacy education and clinical practice. Additionally, faculty members also participate in a number of international activities, including faculty visits for individual lectures and longer stays that allow for deeper consultative input to research collaborations.

For more information about international programs at the USC School of Pharmacy, contact Terrence Graham, Chief International Officer, (323) 442-1455 or