USC Students Recognized at American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting

American Association of Pharmaceutical ScientistsFaculty and students attended the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting in Washington DC at the end of October.

The School presented a booth in the exposition hall as a way of networking with prospective students and potential collaborations with industry partners. A reception was hosted by the School on October 25, allowing current faculty and students an opportunity to meet with alumni, partners and others from across the nation and around the world.

USC doctoral students Robert Mo and Yan Wang took top honors for their current research projects. Both students are pursuing doctorates in pharmaceutical sciences in the lab of Wei-Chiang Shen, the John A. Biles Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Yan Wang won the Graduate Student Symposium Award in Biotechnology for her project, “Transferrin Receptor-Mediated Activation and sustained in vivo Hypoglycemic Efficacy of Recombinanat Proinsulin-Transferrin Fusion Proteins”. The award recognizes Wang’s novel approach in drug design and discovery with her project showing potential for diabetes therapeutics. Wang’s award was sponsored by Pfizer.

Mo’s presentation was entitled ”Model Amphipathic Peptide-Mediated Cellular Delivery of siRNA Polyplex for Gene Silencing”. His work focuses on efficient ways of delivering therapeutics with applications in diabetes and cancer. Mo won the AAPS Graduate Student Symposium in Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics sponsored by Bristol -Meyers Squibb.

Mo previously won the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Fellowship and the School of Pharmacy Dean’s Fellowship. Both he and Wang aim to have careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The annual event attracts nearly 10,000 pharmaceutical scientists, students, industry and others and provides a unique opportunity to learn about breakthrough research and technologies, share ideas and develop relationships among academic and industry leaders focused on the pharmaceutical sciences. The USC- sponsored booth at the event provided an ideal venue to showcase the school’s research depth to colleagues worldwide.

Caption: Yan Wang, Professor Wei-Chiang Shen and Robert Mo at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting.