Trojan Admission Pre-Pharmacy Program (TAP)

A special program for incoming freshmen and current undergraduates

The Trojan Admission Pre-Pharmacy (TAP) program provides talented USC undergraduates with priority admission to the School of Pharmacy’s four-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

TAP Program

TAP students complete their pre-pharmacy coursework while earning their bachelors’ degree at USC. To remain eligible for the TAP program, students must maintain a cumulative 3.2 GPA, and all pre-pharmacy courses must be taken for letter grades. TAP students are provided with individual advisement, membership to the USC Pre-Pharmacy Society and access to the School of Pharmacy Student Affairs Office. All TAP students are required to earn a bachelor’s degree before entering the PharmD program.


New Student Application: To be eligible for the TAP program, you must first apply for undergraduate admission to the University of Southern California Office of Admission and be admitted to a USC undergraduate program. A separate TAP application must be submitted to the School of Pharmacy.

Continuing Student Application: USC undergraduates may also apply to the TAP program after completing one to five semesters at USC. A minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA is required for admission to the TAP program. Transfer students are not eligible to participate in the TAP program.

Required Application Items

1. 2016 TAP Application

2. One Letter of Recommendation:

  • One recommendation is required from an instructor regarding your past and future academic success and your potential as a pharmacist.
  • Your recommendation must be enclosed in a sealed, taped envelope with the signature of the writer across the back seal. The recommendation form or a separate letter or a letter attached to the recommendation form may be submitted.
  • Your recommendation may be included with your TAP Application or may be sent separately. Please address the letter to the “TAP Admission Committee” and mail to:
    TAP Program
    Office of Admission and Student Affairs
    USC School of Pharmacy
    1985 Zonal Ave., PSC 206A
    Los Angeles, CA 90089-9121


  • Please make sure that your letter writer includes your full name and USC ID number or social security number on each page. A letter from a peer or someone related to you is not acceptable.

3. Résumé of activities and achievements: On a separate sheet, please submit a résumé listing your activities and achievements. Please include dates of participation, average number of hours per month, positions and responsibilities.
4. Response to the application issues: Please respond to all three of the application issues in no more than two pages total. Your response may be single or double spaced with a 10 font or larger.


TAP Program Application Deadline: February 15, 2016
TAP Program Admission Decision: Freshman applicants will be informed of their TAP admission decision after notification from the USC Office of Admission on their undergraduate application. Current USC students will be notified in June or early July.

Suggested TAP Program Course Planner

First Year
Fall Semester:

  • General Biology, BISC-120Lg, or Advanced General Biology, BISC-121Lg
  • General Chemistry, CHEM-105aLg, or Advanced General Chemistry, CHEM-115aLg
  • Writing and Critical Reasoning, WRIT-140
  • Social Issues, GE Category VI

Spring Semester:

  • General Biology, BISC-220L, or Advanced General Biology, BISC-221L
  • General Chemistry, CHEM-105bL, or Advanced General Chemistry, CHEM-115bL
  • Arts and Letters 100, GE Category V
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement

Second Year
Fall Semester:

  • Organic Chemistry, CHEM-322aL or CHEM-325aL
  • Molecular Biology, BISC-320L
  • Calculus I, MATH-125; or Statistics I, PSYC 274; or Introduction to Statistics for Biologists, BISC 305; or Health Behavior Statistical Methods, HP 340L; or Statistical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, BME 423
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement

Spring Semester:

  • Organic Chemistry, CHEM-322bL or CHEM 325bL
  • Biochemistry, BISC-330L; or General Physiology, BISC 307L
  • Elementary Probability & Statistics, MATH-208x; or Health Behavior Statistical Methods, HP-340L
  • Cultures and Civilizations, GE Category I (with Diversity)

Third Year
Fall Semester:

  • Physics for the Life Sciences, PHYS-135aL, or Fundamentals of Physics, PHYS-151Lg
  • Principles of Microeconomics, ECON-203
  • Advanced Writing and Critical Reasoning, WRIT-340
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement

Spring Semester:

  • Introduction to Microbiology, BISC-300L; or Biochemistry, BISC 330L
  • Cultures and Civilizations, GE Category II
  • Introduction to Psychology, PSYC 100; or Introduction to Sociology, SOCI 200m
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement

Fourth Year
Fall Semester:

  • Investigations in Science, GE Category IV
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement

Spring Semester:

  • General Physiology, BISC 307L
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement
  • Elective or foreign language or major requirement

Please note: Lower division courses (course numbered 100-299) may be taken in the summer and transferred to USC. Non-science courses may be rearranged into other semesters.