Satisfactory Academic Progress

Requirements for Financial Aid Recipients


Federal, state and university regulations require Pharmacy students receiving financial aid show Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward their degree objectives. The School of Pharmacy has established guidelines that are designed to promote timely advancement of students toward their degree objectives.

A 3.00 is the minimum grade point average required for graduation from the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

What financial programs are governed by SAP requirements?

Financial programs governed by the SAP policy include the Pharmacy Health Profession Student Loan, Loan for Disadvantaged Student, Scholarship for Disadvantaged Student, Federal Stafford Loan and the Federal Graduate Plus Loan programs. The SAP policy also applies to scholarships awarded by the School of Pharmacy.

What are the SAP requirements for Pharmacy Students who are receiving financial aid?

  • Meet a minimum Grade Point Average:
    A 3.00 is the minimum grade point average required for graduation from the Doctor of Pharmacy program.
  • Earn the mandatory number of units for credit each semester (yearly progress):
    The School of Pharmacy require that all students enroll in 18 units each semester.
  • Complete the Doctor of Pharmacy degree within the required number of semesters

How is Satisfactory Academic Progress monitored?

SAP is monitored each semester. The Director of Admission and Student Affairs together with the School of Pharmacy Scholarship Standards Committee monitor the grade point average and academic progress. The School of Pharmacy’s Financial Aid counselors monitor yearly progression and the maximum time required to complete the degree.

What happens if a pharmacy financial aid recipient does not meet the GPA and yearly progress requirement?

Students who do not meet the GPA and yearly progression requirement will be placed on financial aid warning for the next semester of registration. If their academic standing or degree progress is not raised to the standard by the end of the financial aid warning semester, the student will be considered ineligible and all financial aid will be terminated for until the requirements have been met. In addition, students on warning who receive grades of D, W, UW, IN, F, IX, MG, NC, NR, NP and V will no longer be considered to be making satisfactory academic progress and will become immediately ineligible for financial aid. Students who exceed the maximum unit or semester allowance are ineligible for financial aid. Only one, one-semester financial aid warning is available to students throughout their degree programs. Students who subsequently fall below the standard will be considered ineligible for financial aid.

Students who are notified that they are on financial aid warning will be required to submit a SAP appeal. In the appeal, students must submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form together with a letter explaining the following:

  1. What caused your work at the School of Pharmacy to fall below acceptable standards?
  2. How have those conflicts been resolved?
  3. How do you intend to maintain good academic standards and progress toward your degree if your appeal is granted?

What happens when a pharmacy financial aid recipients’ appeal is approved?

If the SAP appeals are approved, students will be placed on a semester by semester SAP contract. Progress towards the required GPA and/or yearly progress will be monitored every semester by financial aid counselors. Failure to meet the SAP contract will result in financial aid disqualification.

For further information regarding the School of Pharmacy Academic Policies and Procedures please see The Pharmacy Student Bulletin of Academic Policies and Procedures.

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