Courses for Area of Concentration in Public and International Health

Didactic Courses (6 units):

PHRD 651: Community Pharmacy I (3 units)
Development of specialized knowledge and skills in community pharmacy practice involving location analysis, pharmacy management principles, and introduction to business law concepts.

PHRD 652: Community Pharmacy II (3 units)
A continuation of pharmacy business law concepts encompassing contract principles and forms of ownership, including a review of pharmacy laws, compounding principles, and OTC agents.

PHRD 669: Health Care Needs of Special Populations (3 units)
Health care needs of the poor will be examined through participation in a multidisciplinary community clinic setting focusing on medication counseling and compliance. 

PHRD 675: Travel Medicine (3 units)
An elective course for emphasizing the role of the pharmacist in preventing and treating travel related medical conditions.

Experiential Courses (6 units):

PHRD 725: International Pharmacy Practice Experience (3-6 units)
Practical experience in the practice of pharmacy in the international setting. Students will visit an international pharmacy practice setting and complete a project.

PHRD 750: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective (APPE) (6 units, max 18)
Pharmacy practice experience (internship) course in a health care setting. 

PHRD 751: Non-traditional Advanced Pharmacy Elective (APPE) (6 units)
Pharmacy practice experience (internship) course in a non-traditional or emerging setting.