Courses for Area of Concentration in Health Systems and Care Management

Didactic Courses (6 units):

PHRD 653: Health Systems Pharmacy I (3 units)
Understanding formal and informal organizations in institutions, managed care, disease management, health care policy and financing, patients chart organization, and clinical monitoring parameters.

PHRD 654: Health Systems Pharmacy II (3 units)
Recognizing resources available for drug information, familiarity with institutional formularies, medication counseling, writing chart notes, and clinical activities at an off-campus health care institution.

PHRD 677: Risk Assessment and Management in Pharmacy Practice (3 units)
Specific risk management issues, legal and professional expectations of pharmacists, and assessing and avoiding risk.

Experiential Courses (6 units):

PHRD 704 – Primary Care APPE (6 units)

Disease state management and a primary care setting. Modification and design of drug therapy regimens and primary patient care using a team based approach.

PHRD 718: Hospital Pharmacy Practice APPE (6 units)
Practical experience in the practice of hospital pharmacy. Administrative, practice-based and therapeutic competencies emphasized.

PHRD 750: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective (APPE) (6 units, max 18)
Pharmacy practice experience (internship) course in a health care setting.

PHRD 751: Non-traditional Advanced Pharmacy Elective (APPE) (6 units)
Pharmacy practice experience (internship) course in a non-traditional or emerging setting.