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Course Equivalencies for East Los Angeles College

Requirements*: Equivalent Courses:
Calculus MATH 261
General Chemistry CHEM 101 & CHEM 102
Organic Chemistry CHEM 211 & 212
General Biology BIO 6 & BIO 7
Microbiology MICR 1 or MICR 20
Human Physiology BIO 20, or PHSIO 1 & ANAT 1
Statistics Math 227
English Composition** ENG 101, ENG 102 OR 103
Communications** Spch Comm 101

Recommended: Human anatomy, upper division level molecular biology,  general psychology or sociology, and micro-economics.

*A bachelor’s degree and the above pre-pharmacy courses are required.

**English composition and communications courses are only required for applicants who do not have a bachelor’s degree from a U.S. university.

***Pre-pharmacy courses in Calculus, chemistry, biology, and physics courses must be taken in a classroom. Online courses are not acceptable.

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