Fundraising Goals

Endowment for Faculty and Research – $30,000,000

  • Chairs and professorships to retain and recruit faculty
  • Directorships
  • Institutes and centers

Academic and Professional Priorities – $25,000,000

  • Demonstration project for new models of care
  • Research evaluating the impact of pharmacist care
  • Development of interprofessional education curriculum
  • Development of interprofessional patient care teams
  • Leadership institute for students in professional and graduate programs
  • Global programming for current students and sponsorship of international conferences

Scholarships – $25,000,000

  • Need-and merit-based scholarships
  • Fellowships for doctoral students
  • Residency support
  • Study-abroad stipends
  • Professional meeting and global exchange stipends

Capital Projects – $20,000,000

  • Renovation and technology upgrades for classrooms and labs
  • Accession of space in future HSC building projects
  • Updating and enhancement of communication and computing infrastructure
  • Renovation of PSC building lobby
  • Space reconfiguration to provide for student lounge

Total Fundraising Goal – $100,000,000