May C. Mak

May C. Mak, PharmD

Assistant Professor

Clinical Pharmacy

Contact Information

May C. Mak

Research Interest

Dr. Mak's research interests lie mostly in clinical patient outcomes. Specifically, she hopes to explore the relationship between premature aging and diabetes and HIV. There are common denominators among these diseases that physicians can identify and therefore target aging issues in patients with diabetes and HIV at an earlier stage in life.


Dr. Mak received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of California, San Francisco. After graduation, she conducted clinical studies on pharmacokinetics of antiretroviral agents in HIV patients. Based on her desire to work with patients, Dr. Mak completed a primary care residency at the University of Southern California before joining the clinical faculty of the School of Pharmacy. Her patient care areas have included the management of diabetes, anticoagulation, HIV, and geriatric pharmacotherapies.

Dr. Mak has been involved with teaching over-the-counter drug products to entry-level Pharm.D. students. In the therapeutics courses, she has taught in the areas of diabetes, HIV, and geriatrics. She also holds two clerkship sites that house students on ambulatory care rotations; the two sites offer students diverse experiences in caring for both indigent and privately insured patients in different healthcare systems.

Selected Projects/Publications

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