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Faculty Featured in Health Affairs Blog on Moving Beyond Price per Dose and Toward Reimbursement tied to Value

Darius Lakdawalla Says Drug Price Controls Cost Patients Their Health in New York Times

Quality Counts in School of Pharmacy’s Newest Master’s Degree Program

By Laura Sturza Quality Control is a concern for every major industry. It links customer satisfaction with business success. We’ve all been on a phone call when we are asked, “would you be willing to stay on the line for a brief quality survey?” In spring 2016, The International Center for Regulatory Science at the […]

Moving Targets Hits a Bullseye

With the theme of Breakthrough Therapies in Immunology, the 14th annual Moving Targets Symposium addressed novel paradigms and how to face regulatory hurdles in harnessing the immune system to treat neurological disorders, infectious diseases and cancer. Topics included stem cells and drug delivery to the central nervous system, global health and infectious diseases, chimeric antigen […]

In New White Coats, the Class of 2019 Begin Their Journey

The white tent was raised, the seats in place, the music began and the Class of 2019, 189 strong, marched into the Annual School of Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony on the Health Sciences Campus Quad on August 20 to begin their journey to become Doctors of Pharmacy. The new students, along with family and friends, […]

Jeff McCombs & D.S. Fox on a Sensible Approach to Hepatitis C: Treat Everyone Who Needs It But Not Until Treatment is Necessary

Julio Camarero Awarded NIH Grant for Novel Uses of Protein-Based Therapeutics, Paving the Way for New Cancer Treatments

Associate Professor Julio Camarero is making big strides in the ways we improve human health with his innovative work on the molecular level. Camarero received a 4-year, $1.3 million RO1 grant from the National Institutes of Health for his project entitled, “Screening and Selection of Specific Protein-Protein Antagonists Using Ultrastable Microprotein Scaffolds.”  The research funded […]

Summer Got You Down? Dr. Susie Park Discusses Summertime Depression on CBS2

Starting in October, California Pharmacists Authorized to Prescribe Hormonal Contraceptives

Stimmel Announces New Administrative Appointments

Interim Dean Glen L. Stimmel has made a slate of new appointments to round out the administrative leadership of the USC School of Pharmacy. Previously housed under the Titus Family Department, the School’s new Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics, will be chaired by Geoffrey Joyce, PhD, associate professor and director of health policy for […]

Brinton Featured in CBS News Report on Alzheimer’s Disease and its Heavy Toll on Women

Schaeffer Center Study Links Medication Adherence with Lower Healthcare Costs