We are the World

Students and professionals head to the USC School of Pharmacy from around the globe

Practice Makes Perfect

USC pharmacy students benefit from hundreds of hands-on experiential learning rotations to hone their skills, interact with patients and prepare for their careers.

Get Involved in the Process

School of Pharmacy students host a slate of distinguished guests, faculty and students from across the university at the School’s annual Legislative Day.

Mike Metcalfe with pharmacist Steven Chen

“My pharmacist saved my life.”

Dr. Steven Chen met Mike Metcalfe following an 8-day diabetic coma. He was in bad shape on all counts – especially his health. Pharmacist Chen had the right prescription for Mike, who today is healthy and thriving – with a home, a job and his own garden.

To Market, To Market

A Doctor of Pharmacy degree opens doors to a wide range of careers. Students interested in industry can get a headstart by taking the “Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization” elective, culminating with the presentation of a plan to launch a new drug.