Student National Pharmaceutical Association

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association is an educational service association composed of pharmacy students that focuses on pharmacy and other health care issues, with a particular interest in increasing minority representation in pharmacy and other health-related professions. The USC chapter participates in all six SNPhA initiatives, which includes the Voting/Immigration Initiative, the Power to End Stroke Initiative, the Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative, the Diabetes Initiative, Operation Immunization and Remember the Ribbon (HIV/AIDS).

The USC chapter received numerous awards during the 2010 SNPhA meeting, including the First Place 2010 National Scrapbook Award. Several members also received scholarships.

SNPhA Officers

Renata Ahegbebu, President
Vitoria Schells, Vice-President
Maria Nduati, President-Elect
Lina Hamid, Vice-President-Elect

Dr. Walter Cathey, Advisor

SNPhA students head to Belize
School of Pharmacy students head to Central America to volunteer, educate and expand their global horizons.