Diversity Initiative

The Dean’s Initiative for Diversity acknowledges the important role diversity plays in a school generally and in the School of Pharmacy specifically, proactively working to increase diversity among our student population. The initiative works to recruit, retain and increase the opportunities for enrollment of students from underrepresented communities of color at the School of Pharmacy.

Part of this initiative involves introducing more young people, in high school and middle school, to the profession of pharmacy. It exposes these students to the health professions and allows them to meet health professionals from similar backgrounds, encouraging them to strive for these careers.

The program involves networking interested young people with current students and recent graduates, who educate them about the jobs they do, the income they earn and the contributions they make to the health of America. In addition, it supports admitted students to ensure their success all the way through completion of their degree.

The goal of the initiative is to ensure that more historically underrepresented pharmacy professionals enter the field, who will then go on to motivate others to follow in their footsteps.

Diversity Initiative Advisory Group

Walter Cathey, PharmD, Special Assistant to the Dean
Gustavus Aranda, Jr., PharmD, MS
Mel Baron, PharmD/MPA
Roslyn Blake, PharmD
Andrea Cooper, PharmD, MPH
Esan Forde, PharmD, MS
Dolly Harris, PharmD
Mario Jimenez, PharmD
Deron Johnson, PharmD
Adrienne Matthews, PharmD/MA
Tino Sanchez, BS, MS
Kari Trotter Wall, PharmD
Harold Washington, Jr., PharmD

For more information about the USC School of Pharmacy Diversity Initiative, contact Dr. Walter Cathey, Special Assistant to the Dean, (323) 442-1369 or wcathey@usc.edu.